Quote of the Day: Tarzan, the Ape Man

Parker: Jane, do you know what he wants? What this ape wants?
Jane: He’s not an ape!
Parker: He is an ape. He lives like an ape, he kills like an ape. But do you understand what he wants?
Jane: You know everything…
Parker: Well, this ape son of a bitch wants you.
Parker: I’m gonna catch that animal son of a bitch, Mr Holt!

Happy 59th Birthday to Bo Derek!!!

Remember That Song: 11/19/15

Hair’s to Friday!!!
Can you name the artist and song:

Sometimes in my head
I can still see pictures of you
And I laugh to myself
When I think of all those crazy things that we used to do

Last Song: “Master of Puppets” by Metallica from the album Master of Puppets (1986)

Taste me you will see
More is all you need
You’re dedicated to
How I’m killing you

Remember That Song: 11/17/15

Can you name the artist and song:

Taste me you will see
More is all you need
You’re dedicated to
How I’m killing you

Last Song: “One Night in Bangkok” by Murray Head from the album Chess (1984)

Great job Jim (@JimVilk) and Andy (@andytorah)!!!

The creme de la creme of the chess world
In a show with everything but Yul Brynner

Quote of the Day: Ruthless People

Sam Stone: What’s this phone call about?

Ken Kessler: We call to make you an offer. An offer you can’t refuse.

Sam Stone: Low?

Ken Kessler: Yeah, $10,000.

Sam Stone: Fat chance!

Ken Kessler: Mr. Stone, this is no joke! We’re desperate people! We…

Sam Stone: Time out! I believe this is a joke pal and you’re it! The last time we spoke you said my wife would be in the morgue if I didn’t pay. Well, I didn’t pay and just today I was at the morgue and she wasn’t there. You lied to me! You know what I think?

Ken Kessler: No.

Sam Stone: You got no nuts! What do I have to do? Put a gun in your hand, aim and pull your finger down you spineless wimp! I dare you to kill her!

[Sam hangs up]

Sam Stone: Now that oughta do it!

Happy 71st Birthday to Danny DeVito!!!

Remember That Song: 11/17/15

Can you name the artist and song:

The creme de la creme of the chess world
In a show with everything but Yul Brynner

Last Song: “Yah Mo B There” by James Ingram and Michael McDonald from It’s Your Night (1983)

Great job Jim (@JimVilk)!!!

Heavenly father watching us all
We take from each other and give nothing at all

Quote of the Day: The Goonies

Mouth: You know, I just want to say thank you. For offering to save my life.

Stef: Wow! Thank you it’s a real moment. You know your voice is kind of nice when your mouth isn’t screwing it up.

Mouth: Yeah and your looks kind of pretty. When your face isn’t screwing it up.

Happy 45th Birthday to Martha Plimpton!!!

Remember That Song: 11/16/15

Can you name the artist and song:

Heavenly father watching us all
We take from each other and give nothing at all

Last Song: “Living After Midnight” by Judas Priest from British Steel (1980)

I took the city ’bout one A.M,
Loaded, loaded
I’m all geared up to score again,
Loaded, loaded

Miami Vice: Season 1 – Episode 10: Give a Little, Take a Little

It’s been a while, but I have finally gotten a chance to watch some more Miami Vice. Wow, it looks like it’s been over 2 months since the last episode. No more waiting! Let’s get back into this!


This episode was directed by Bobby Roth. It was written by Chuck Adamson. The original air date was December 4, 1984.

This episode had a couple of big story lines. Crockett and Tubbs bust a scared, young guy who was guarding boxes of drugs. Instead of arresting him, Crockett gets information from him about the drug supplier, Alvarado (Michael Madsen). They catch Alvarado after a car chase, which ended in classic ’80s form – crashing into a hot dog stand. However, in order for the charges to stick, the judge wants Crockett to give up the name of the informant – which we all know, he is not about to do. So, he is thrown in jail.

In the meantime, Gina and Trudy infiltrate a prostitution ring, which is run by Lupo Ramirez (Burt Young – Paulie from the Rocky movies). He becomes suspicious when his goon/bodyguard, Cinco, finds bugs all over the place. Cinco looked very familiar to me. Thanks to imdb, I found out that he was Jefe in ¡Three Amigos! !
Ramirez forced Gina to have sex with him, since she was supposed to be a prostitute. She didn’t want to blow her cover, not knowing that he already had a feeling that she was a cop.

Crockett is freed from jail. He thanks Lt. Castillo for pulling some strings. But, he didn’t pull strings. Crockett was freed because the informant turned himself in. To make matters worse, due to a technicality, Alvarado was a free man. This led to this great Crockett quote: “Wonderful. That’s just wonderful. We’ve got a pusher, a suspected mob hit man and God knows what else and he does less time in this case than I did!” which was followed by a kick to a waste basket.

It turns out that our two stories are tied together. Our friend Noogie (Charlie Barnett) is back! Noogie brought a druggie friend to Crockett and Tubbs. The druggie had information to hopefully help put Alvarado away. It turns out that Alvarado works for Paulie Ramirez. They also had further news that Ramirez was putting out a hit that night – on Gina!

Trudy was already visiting Gina, to comfort her, when the hitman arrived. Crockett and Tubbs also made it there just in time. We had ourselves a Miami Vice shootout! Trudy shot him as he tried to escape. It was Cinco. He fessed up that he works for Alvarado and Paulie Ramirez. He wouldn’t give up any details about Ramirez, but he gave enough details about Alvarado to make the charges stick this time. El Guapo would be very disappointed.

Crockett and Tubbs arrested Alvarado at a nightclub that Ramirez owned. As part of the infilterization, Switek was performing stand-up comedy – and he was horrible at it. Zito loved it though, and was laughing hysterically. I couldn’t tell if he was laughing because Switek was bombing, or if he really thought those stupid jokes and impersonations were funny.

Crockett and Tubbs and Gina and Trudy went to arrest Ramirez since Alvarado gave him up. Ramirez started to come at them with a knife, and Gina shot him, and the screen went dark.

Then we have a nice scene of Crockett consoling Gina.

The End.


There were a few songs in this episode, but there is only one that has a video that can be found online anywhere. The songs were

“You Want More” by Etta James

“Today’s A Beginning” by Jill Colucci & Brian Ray

It’s too bad I couldn’t find this song. I really liked it a lot. It was in the last scene of the show.

“You Better Be Good To Me” by Tina Turner


Final Thoughts

This was a great episode that had it all. Car chase. Check. Humor. Check. Awesome guest stars. Check. Gunfight. Check. Music. Check.
This episode went by so fast too. I highly recommend it, and I can’t wait for the next episode.

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