MIAMI VICE: Season 1- Episode 8: The Great McCarthy

It’s Friday! So, you know what that means. Time for some Miami Vice! There were no big names in this episode. Yet, it was still a very good episode. So, you know this is a great series if they don’t need any stunt casting for it to be a solid show. Now, let’s Return to the ’80s, and see what’s going on with Miami Vice.


This episode was directed by Georg Stanford Brown. We’ve had both Starsky and Hutch each direct episodes of Miami Vice. Now we have another director who came from a ’70s cop show. Georg Stanford Brown is best known for his role as Officer Terry Webster in The Rookies, which ran from 1972 to 1976. This episode was written by Philip Reed & Joel Surnow, and originally aired on November 16, 1984.

Just when you think you have the answer, somebody changes the question. I figured every episode would begin with a stakeout or undercover operation. But, this episode starts with a foot chase. A bank was robbed, and Crockett and Tubbs were in pursuit. They corner the guy, and it’s Izzy. Izzy is played by Martin Ferrero, who played the cross-dressing hitman in the pilot episode. He reminds me of Fredo Corleone. But, if you don’t know him from this show, you may know him as the lawyer from Jurassic Park.
Anyway, Crockett and Tubbs catchy Izzy literally red-handed, as he is covered in dye from the money dye pack. Queue the opening theme:

As Crockett and Tubbs interrogate Izzy, he tries to make a deal to give them Louis McCarthy (William Gray Espy)- a drug smuggler.

Next, we are at a yacht club, where Tubbs is watching Crockett riding around in a speedboat. McCarthy is into speedboat racing, and is also watching. Tubbs passive-aggressively challenges McCarthy to race in an upcoming event. McCarthy said that the race is already closed to any more participants. He told Tubbs that he could watch. Tubbs left, and got in the boat with Crockett. Apparently, they recognized one of McCarthy’s sidekicks, Dale Gifford (Charles McCaughan), and decide to pay him a visit.

They go to Gifford’s house, and through their conversation, we learn that Gifford is an informant. They ask him why he never gave McCarthy up to them. McCarthy is smart, and makes everything dalegiffordlook legitimate. They go through the books, and see some money going to a suspect account. Apparently, Gifford is skimming money
for McCarthy’s girlfriend, Vanessa (Maria McDonald), without McCarthy knowing.

Crockett and Tubbs go to the high end men’s clothing store owned by McCarthy, and run by Vanessa.  When Vanessa made her entrance, this is what Tubbs looked like:

So you know that there’s trouble brewing ahead.

They meet with McCarthy,and try to get him to do a drug deal, but he doesn’t bite. Instead, he invites them to a party that he is having that night.

They go to the party which has dancing. And in Miami Vice, whenever there is dancing, you know that there will be some ’80s music playing! In this case, it was Rod Stewart’s “Some Guys Have All the Luck”.
The guys go to a room where McCarthy is shooting pool, winning a game without the other guy even taking a shot. So, Crockett challenges him. If he wins, then they get to race in that speedboat race. If he loses, then McCarthy gets Crockett’s Ferrari. After McCarthy breaks, Crockett, takes his turn, and gets every shot. So, now he can race. They all go back to the party, and Tubbs and Vanessa hit it off.

Just as McCarthy is confronting Tubbs about “Getting over” with his woman, there is a scream outside. OK, whose dead body was found? It was Gifford’s body.

Crockett needed $25,000 to get into the speedboat race, but he did not get approved by the station. But, Castillo told him that he could probably get the money from Gina and Trudy as they were about to make a bust. So Crockett and Tubbs go help out as backup, even though Switek and Zito are already there. I am really warming up to those guys. I had never known about them before, but they bring a great comic relief to the show. In this instance, Zito was pretending to be a life guard, hitting on a hot blonde. I love when Crockett says to Tubbs and Switek, “Oh man, we should never put him on the beach. Hi could blind someone”.


The bust goes down, we get a mini chase, and Crockett and Tubbs get their money to get into the race.

Now, we have the boat race. It was a good way to fill up several minutes.

Tubbs, Crockett, and Zito were riding together, and noticed that McCarthy’s boat disappeared, but then reappeared in front of them. They never saw him pass them. They realized that he had two identical boats. The one McCarthy was in now, had the drugs in it. The report it in to Castillo, then go on to win the race, and the rest of the gang is there to arrest McCarthy.

But, the episode’s not over yet! While Tubbs was getting it on with Vanessa, Crockett was having a cuddly evening with Gina, when Izzy showed up a Crockett’s boat. He found the gun that killed Gifford. They found out Vanessa was the one who killed him. Crockett and the gang arrive at Vanessa’s house just as Tubbs is leaving. They give him the news. He said that he would make the arrest. So, he went back to the door, and told her that he didn’t want to arrest her, but he had to. The End. It seems like these episodes have had sudden endings lately.


This episode had some good music. There are four featured songs:

“Some Guys Have All the Luck” by Rod Stewart

“Self Control” by Laura Branigan

“Go Insane” by Lindsey Buckingham

“Born to Be Wild” by Steppenwolf

Final Thoughts

OK, I’m going to have to get real here and say that this wasn’t the greatest episode. There were still some fun parts, but overall, this wasn’t very well written. There were no big chase scenes and no gun fights. They put all their energy into the boat race, which wasn’t that great. I much prefer the boat race from the John Candy movie, Summer Rental. But, I did watch this a couple of times, and I would still watch it over most things that are on television now.



Remember That Song: 8/28/15

Hair’s to Friday!

Can you name the artist and song:

Feel as though nobody cares if I live or die
So I might as well begin to put some action in my life

Last Song: “Gloria” by Laura Branigan from the album Branigan (1982)

Will you meet him on the main line, or will you catch him on the rebound?
Will you marry for the money, take a lover in the afternoon?

Great job Vicky (@vickster_1968) and Andy (@andytorah)!!!

Quote of the Day: Pee-wee’s Big Adventure

Pee-wee: I wouldn’t sell my bike for all the money in the world. Not for a hundred million, trillion, billion dollars!
Francis: Then you’re crazy!
Pee-wee: I know you are but what am I?
Francis: You’re a nerd!
Pee-wee: I know you are but what am I?
Francis: You’re an idiot!
Pee-wee: I know you are but what am I?
Pee-wee, Francis: I know you are but what am I? I know you are but what am I? I know you are but what am I? Pee-wee: Infinity!
Francis: No, I’m not.
Pee-wee, Francis: You are! No way! Knock it off! Cut it out!
Francis: Shut up, Pee-wee!
Pee-wee: Why don’t you make me.
Francis: You make me!
Pee-wee: Because. I don’t make monkeys, I just train ’em.
Francis: Pee-wee listen to reason.
[Pee-Wee cuffs his hand around his ear in a listening motion]

Francis: Pee-wee!
Pee-wee: Sh! I’m listening to reason.
Francis: Pee-wee!
Pee-wee: That’s my name, don’t wear it out.
Francis: Remember the first time I saw your bike? You came riding past my house and I came running out to tell you how much I liked it even way back then?
Pee-wee: I love that story.
[jumps on bike and pedals away]
Francis: You’ll be sorry, Pee-wee Herman!

Happy 63rd birthday to Paul Reubens!!!


Remember That Song: 8/27/15

Can you name the artist and song:

Will you meet him on the main line, or will you catch him on the rebound?
Will you marry for the money, take a lover in the afternoon?

Last Song: “Tarzan Boy” by Baltimora from Living in the Background (1985)

Great job Andy (@andytorah)!!!

Hide and seek
I play along while rushing cross the forest
Monkey business on a sunny afternoon

’80s Back to School Accessories

Here is an article I wrote a few years ago. I try to repost it at this time every year. There are many new readers since I last posted this. I had a lot of fun writing this, so I would like to share it again. Enjoy!

Well, it’s getting to be the time of year most of us used to dread – Back to School season! It’s not such a big deal now. Actually, for those of you who are parents of school-age children, it’s probably the most wonderful time of year! So, now it’s safe to reminisce about the accessories that we had to start the new school year.

The Multi-colored pen by Bic

Amazing! You had 4 different colors in 1 pen! Teachers usually made you write in black or blue ink. You didn’t need different pens to do this now! And you could be a rebel and use red or green. And how many of you tried to squeeze as many colors out of the tip as you could, and try to write that way?! And of those people, how many of us used to have to unscrew the pen to get the tips unstuck? Maybe that’s why my grades weren’t so good.


Metal TV or Movie Lunchboxes

I’m sure we have all rocked the metal lunchboxes that usually had a TV show or movie theme at one time before we became to old for it and started brown-bagging it. There were usually scenes from the show all around the lunch box, and even on the sites and the bottom.

And don’t forget the thermos! It was awesome to have one that had even more scenes all around it instead to the cheesy ones that only had a picture on one side. My favorite was the Six Million Dollar Man. I can’t remember off the top of my head what other ones I had.


Digital Watch (with Calculator)

I probably could have used one of these. Before there were cell phones with calculators, and now iPhones, there was the digital watch with the calculator built in. Not only was it awesome for somebody to have a digital watch, but it was even better if it included the calculator. I’m sure that if the teachers were smart, they would make those people take off their watches before a math test.


Paper Bag Book Cover

One of the most annoying parts of going back to school – making your book covers! Some kids had theirs nice and tight. But, kids like me had theirs covered so that the bag went way too far past the book. And then you would have to fold the loose ends back over. I know there’s some people who know what I mean! The best part about these, though, was that you could draw your favorite rock band logo. I used to love drawing the V and H for the Van Halen logo, or the ZZ Top logo, or the symbols for Led Zeppelin. OK, maybe messing around with the multi-colored pen wasn’t the only reason why I didn’t have better grades in school!


The Trapper Keeper

And the Granddaddy of them all – The Trapper Keeper! Oh, the Trapper Keeper and I had such high hopes at the beginning of the school year. I could keep all my subjects organized into their own folders. There was even a pad in the back. You could use the binder to put in your loose leaf paper. Then by the end of the first quarter of school, some of the folders would be bulging and bursting. The paper on the pad in the back of the Trapper Keeper would be gone because each top piece would rip out each time I closed the folder. The Trapper Keeper would be bulging, and the Velcro would wear out or rip off. Ah, those were the days! Here’s the Trapper Keeper commercial that I remember:

So, do you have any favorite memories/headaches from Back to School accessories?

Quote of the Day: Uncle Buck

Miles: Where do you live?
Buck: In the city.
Miles: You have a house?
Buck: Apartment.
Miles: Own or rent?
Buck: Rent.
Miles: What do you do for a living?
Buck: Lots of things.
Miles: Where’s your office?
Buck: I don’t have one.
Miles: How come?
Buck: I don’t need one.
Miles: Where’s your wife?
Buck: Don’t have one.
Miles: How come?
Buck: It’s a long story.
Miles: You have kids?
Buck: No I don’t.
Miles: How come?
Buck: It’s an even longer story.
Miles: Are you my dad’s brother?
Buck: What’s your record for consecutive questions asked?
Miles: 38.
Buck: I’m your dad’s brother alright.

Happy 35th Birthday Macaulay Culkin!

Remember That Song: 8/26/15

Can you name the artist and song:

Hide and seek
I play along while rushing cross the forest
Monkey business on a sunny afternoon

Last Song: “All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose” by Kiss from Lick It Up (1983)

Haven’t you heard, there’s a new revolution
Gotta spread the word, too much confusion

Quotes of the Day: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Sallah: Please, what does it always mean, this… this “Junior”?

Professor Henry Jones: That’s his name.

[points to himself]

Professor Henry Jones: Henry Jones…

[points to Indy]

Professor Henry Jones: …Junior.

Indiana Jones: I like “Indiana.”

Professor Henry Jones: We named the dog Indiana.

Marcus Brody: May we go home now, please?

Sallah: The dog?

[starts laughing]

Sallah: You are named after the dog? HA HA HA…!

Indiana Jones: I’ve got a lot of fond memories of that dog.

Happy 85th Birthday to Sean Connery!!!

Remember That Song: 8/25/15

Can you name the artist and song:

Haven’t you heard, there’s a new revolution
Gotta spread the word, too much confusion

Last Song: “Smoky Mountain Rain” by Ronnie Milsap from his Greatest Hits album (1980)

I thumbed my way from L.A. back to Knoxville
I found out those bright lights ain’t where I belong

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