Top 40 Songs This Week – March 25, 1989: Songs 10-1

Hi Everybody! Welcome back to this week’s countdown! If you missed the previous posts, you can check out songs 40-31, 30-21, and 20-11. Well, there are no more hair bands the rest of the way. But, we do have some of the best ballads of the year right here in this top 10. Now, let’s Return to the week ending March 25, 1989, and wrap up the countdown.

10. “You’re Not Alone” by Chicago

This is one of my favorite songs on the great album that is Chicago 19. I love Bill Champlin’s vocals in every song he does.

“You’re Not Alone” on Amazon

9. “Roni” by Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown was white hot at this time. This ballad was the third single released from his incredible Don’t Be Cruel album. This hit, written by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, would peak at #3 on the Hot 100.

“Roni” on Amazon

8. “Walk the Dinosaur” by Was (Not Was)

Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom
Boom boom acka-lacka boom boom
Oh man, I feel like I shouldn’t like this song, but I think it’s so much fun. I do like a lot of funk songs though. And this song does stay with you. Now, Open the door, get on the floor /
Everybody walk the dinosaur

“Walk the Dinosaur” on Amazon

Now is the part of the countdown where we see what was topping some of the other charts this week:

The #1 Country song was “New Fool at an Old Game” by Reba McEntire.

Topping the R&B chart was “Closer Than Friends” by Surface.

“I’ll Be You” by The Replacements topped the Rock charts (not to be confused with “I’ll Be There For You” by The Rembrandts).

The top Adult Contemporary tune was our #16 hit on the Hot 100 – “You Got It” by Roy Orbison.

The best album in the country this week was Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson.

Finally, the #1 Dance song is our #7 song on the Hot 100 this week…

7. “She Drives Me Crazy” by The Fine Young Cannibals

I never cared for this song. It got so much airplay that it drove me crazy. But, if given the choice to listen to this either song, or most current songs on the radio today, I would pick this one.

“She Drives Me Crazy” on Amazon

6. “Lost In Your Eyes” by Debbie Gibson

Even though my music taste leans heavily towards rock, I have never hidden my love for Debbie Gibson on this site. This is her signature hit. Even people, who look down on her, do like this song. This had been a #1 hit for three straight weeks.

Lost In Your Eyes on Amazon

5. “My Heart Can’t Tell You No” by Rod Stewart

Since it seems like all Rod Stewart has done for well over a decade was release his Great American Songbook series, I always forget how good he really is. His 1988 album, Out of Order, is outstanding. This song, from that album, is a nice ballad and was the highest charting song from that album. It peaked at #4.

“My Heart Can’t Tell You No” on Amazon

4. “The Look” by Roxette

I love this Swedish duo so much!! This song was their global breakthrough hit. It would hit number 1 in several countries, including the U.S. This is a really good rock song from Roxette’s awesome Look Sharp! album.

“The Look” on Amazon

3. “Girl You Know It’s True” by Milli Vanilli

This was a huge pop hit at the time. I didn’t hate it, but it’s not something I would be able to listen to on a regular basis. This was the song that exposed Milli Vanilli as lip synchers. While “performing” this song at a concert in Connecticut, the album began skipping and repeating on the same lyric. This was a huge scandal at the time, which destroyed Milli Vanilli. If this happened today, it would be called just another Friday.

“Girl You Know It’s True” on Amazon

2. “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles

This classic love ballad is one of The Bangles’ signature songs. With this song and “Walk Like an Egyptian“, the Bangles became only the third girl group to score multiple number-ones in the United States, after the Supremes and the Shirelles.

“Eternal Flame” on Amazon

1. “The Living Years” by Mike + The Mechanics

What a way to finish the countdown! This is easily my favorite song by Mike + The Mechanics, and one of my favorite songs of the decade. Paul Carrack sings lead vocals on the song. This is an emotional song about a tumultuous father/son relationship and the son’s regret of the unresolved issues after his father died. After all, It’s too late when we die / To admit we don’t see eye to eye

The lyrics are great and the music is great.

“The Living Years” on Amazon

Well, that wraps up this week’s countdown. I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. The next countdown will be earlier in the decade to more of the classic ’80s music we all know and love. Until then, Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.

Remember That Song: 3/27/15

Hair’s to Friday!!!

Can you name the artist and song:

Ride the tiger
You can see his stripes but you know he’s clean
Oh don’t you see what I mean

Last Song: “Upside Down” by Diana Ross from the album Diana (1980)

Instinctively you give to me
The love that I need
I cherish the moments with you

Albums of the ’80s: Bon Jovi – New Jersey

Hi Everybody!!! Today, Robert is back with another article for us. This one covers one of my favorite albums of all-time – Bon Jovi’s New Jersey. You can also check out Robert’s last article about Bad English if you haven’t caught that one yet. Now let’s kick back and enjoy this perfect album. Take it away, Robert. 2, 3, 4!!!!

Bon Jovi: A Masterpiece Follows up a Masterpiece

September 1988: I was just starting my sophomore year of college. I was in the process of buying CDs to replace my records and cassettes, and I had a very specific hierarchy in this process – my favorites had to come first. This also meant that any new music released by any of these artist would immediately be purchased in the CD format. My first CD was Survivor’s Too Hot To Sleep. I was enjoying the process and worked my way to one of my favorites, Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet (Return to the ‘80s review of this album). As fate would have it, I just read that Bon Jovi was set to release a new album! I waited with as much patience as I could muster and then stood in line at my local CD store on that September morning to get a copy of New Jersey as soon as I could – and I was not disappointed.

New Jersey skyrocketed to the well deserved place as my favorite Bon Jovi album. I played it constantly driving my roommate and girlfriend crazy – but I did not care. Clearly, I was not the only one who thought this way. The album sold over 7 million copies and had 5 Top 10 hits (2 of those #1). New Jersey is one of the few albums in my collection that has no bad songs. There is not one track on this album that I would ever skip. So, let’s get to those great songs.

Lay Your Hands On Me

Is there a better opening to an album? Tico Torres on the drums – the band shouting “HEY”, Richie Sambora adding some licks on the guitar – David Bryan’s keyboards – a full 1 minute and 19 seconds of suspense building. And then Jon Bon Jovi says, “They say to really free your body, you’ve got to free your mind. So come on, check this out.” Here is an invitation to sit back, relax, and enjoy the musical ride that Bon Jovi is about to take the listener on. The song explodes with an intense rhythm guitar and a chorus that begs the audience to sing along.

Bad Medicine

This song is a clear (and successful) attempt by Bon Jovi to capture the feel of a live show in a recording studio without using crowd noises or other effects. The rapid pace of the verses combined with a shout-at-the-top-of your-lungs chorus makes this song irresistible. Just when you think the song is over, Jon Bon Jovi keeps it going with, “Wait a minute, wait a minute, hold on. One more time, with feeling.” – giving it that concert feel. Every time I attend a Bon Jovi concert, I eagerly await this song. The official video for this song features fans onstage with 16mm camera as they film ‘their’ video.

Born to be My Baby

What a breath of fresh air – an excellent love song that absolutely rocks.This song is a raw and honest look at a couple who does not have much, but they have each other. Here is yet another example of Bon Jovi’s lyrical focus on middle class America. The couple in the song work hard and do not have many worldly possession to show for it – and they do not need any, “Table for two on a TV tray, it ain’t fancy, baby, that’s OK – our time, our way.” The bonds of true love are strong and ever-lasting.

Living in Sin

I was 19 when this album was released and this song spoke to me and jumped out right away. It was not so much the idea of a premarital physical relationship that struck me, rather the idea of the blatant hypocrisy of so many ‘rules’ that I had always felt obliged to follow. The lyric that really captured my attention was, “Is it right for both our parents to fight it out most nights and pray for God’s forgiveness as they both turn out the lights?” At the time I was questioning many rules and societal expectations that struck me as hypocritical or just plain silly. This song made me realize that as I was aging, Bon Jovi aged with me, writing about things that concerned me. This would continue well into my adulthood.

Blood on Blood

This song was never released as a single, but remains one of the band’s most popular songs and is consistently on the set list for a Bon Jovi concert. The song rocks and lyrically touches on the idea of growing up with best friends and then dealing with the idea that we all grow older and move on. We never forget the best friends who were always there for us. Every time I hear this song my best friends, LeRoyce and Marvin, are in my mind. The video is an excellent live version.

Homebound Train

While I love all of the songs on this album, this may be my favorite. This song begins with a bluesy sound and then becomes an excellent guitar driven rock song – and the guitar shreds. Richie Sambora is one my favorite guitarists and I believe he is underrated – this song, and a later song called Dry County, are two great examples of just how good he is.

Wild is the Wind

The previous song has my favorite guitar work on the album and this one has my favorite lyrics. Many of us expect love songs and most of those love songs are somewhat predictable – love lasts or love is lost. What distinguishes this song is the speaker coming to grips with the fact that he is not what she wants and it is time for him to move on. For some reason, the bridge to this song gives me chills: “Maybe a better man would live and die for you, baby, a better man would never say goodbye to you.” This captures the difficulty of having to admit that you do not have what the one you love needs. Great song.

Ride Cowboy Ride

This track serves three purposes. First, it is an excellent setup for the next song. Second, it shows the range of both Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora’s talent and creativity. Third, is it a sign of what is to come with the Young Guns II soundtrack. I have no real great reasons, but I love this short song.

Stick to Your Guns

No love song here. This song answers this question: what are you going to do when people doubt you? It does not matter what the situation is, Bon Jovi has the same answer for all occasions. Getting into a tough music industry is an enormous risk, full of the failures of those who have tried before. I can only imagine how many times Jon Bon Jovi was told to not follow his dream and instead, find a more reliable way of making a living – ‘you do not have a chance.’ Fortunately for all of us, he did not listen – and the rest is history.

I’ll Be There For You

This has to be one of Bon Jovi’s most famous and often played ballads. It has the typical Bon Jovi sound – great guitar work, smooth lyrics, and awesome vocals. I love everything about this song, but my favorite are the lines, “I know you know we had some good times / Now they have their own hiding place / Well, I can promise you tomorrow / But I can’t buy back yesterday.” The heartfelt desperation of this song has always enthralled me and pulled at my heartstrings.

99 in the Shade

This song has always reminded me of a great song on Bon Jovi’s second album 7800 Fahrenheit; this song sounds like a cousin to “Tokyo Road“. I think it is because it has a similar air of fun rock n’ roll and several turns of phrases that I love.

Love for Sale

This song is a perfect end to a perfect album. The band is sitting around on their acoustic instruments and jamming. You can almost hear them saying: the album is finished and it is time for a break – but before we go, here is one more song to remember us by: “We’ve been living together for 3 years, 2 hours, 20 minutes maybe four hundred beers / You can’t shop for love when you’re shopping at Sears / Love for sale.”

Bonus: Love is War

I am including this song even though it was one of the last songs cut from the original release of New Jersey; it was released as a B side to the single Living in Sin. The beginning of it is a bit over the top, but the song is great. It captures the feelings of what sometimes happens in relationships as people change and begin to feel cheated by those changes – sometimes things can get nasty.

New Jersey is an album that represents the pinnacle of Bon Jovi’s career. The band has continued to record great music, and I have all of it, but nothing completely measures up to this rock masterpiece. A 25th anniversary box set was released in July of 2014. It features the original album with extra tracks, a CD with unreleased tracks, and a DVD of the New Jersey tour documentary. As I was gathering a few numbers for this article, I started counting the number of views the videos linked here have on YouTube. The result is a staggering 205,471,009! If you have not listened to New Jersey recently, let this serve as your inspiration to do so. If you have, there is nothing wrong with giving it one more listen.

Wasn’t that awesome!?!?! If you still can’t get enough of this incredible album (and let’s face it, can you ever get enough of it?), check out Rock Out Loud’s most bodacious episode about the New Jersey album.

Quote of the Day: Ed Grimley

Oh I get to meet Pat Sajak, like I suppose you can do better than that! No way. It just seems to me he would be a pretty decent guy, I must say. What if we became best friends, best friends in the world so I would just phone his house and say, “Is Pat there? Just tell him it’s me.” Oh yeah, that really makes sense. Like Pat Sajak doesn’t have like over a million friends probably. But then again, maybe he doesn’t. It’s difficult to say.

Happy 65th Birthday to Martin Short!!!

Remember That Song: 3/26/15

Can you name the artist and song:

Instinctively you give to me
The love that I need
I cherish the moments with you

Last Song: “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John from Too Low For Zero (1983)

Great job Andy (@andytorah)!!!

And there’s a cold lonely light that shines from you
You’ll wind up like the wreck you hide
Behind that mask you use

Top 40 Songs This Week – March 25, 1989: Songs 20-11

Hi Everybody! Welcome back to this week’s countdown! If you missed the previous posts, you can check out songs 40-31 and 30-21. Once again, we have a crazy diverse day. We have hair bands, R&B, and pop. And, we also have a Long Distance Dedication! So, let’s Return to the week ending March 25, 1989, and continue the countdown.

20. “Your Mama Don’t Dance” by Poison

We begin today with Poison’s cover of the Loggins and Messina hit, “Your Mama Don’t Dance”. The Loggins and Messina version reached all the way up to #4 in 1972. While Poison didn’t go as high with the song, they did manage to reach #10. This song was kind of a let down for me. But, next year, Poison would release what I feel was their best album – Flesh and Blood.

“Your Mama Don’t Dance” by Poison on Amazon

19. “I Beg Your Pardon” by Kon Kan

This is one of those songs that I didn’t recognize by the title, but remembered it when I heard it. This has that classic late-80s New Wavey synthpop sound. This song was a worldwide hit for the Canadian synthpop band.

“I Beg Your Pardon” by Kon Kan on Amazon

18. “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” by New Kids On The Block

Oh Good Lord!!! I forgot that we are now in a point in time where the New Kids were white hot. Well, I was never a part of their target audience, so this is not my thing. They are local to me, so I am happy for their success. Donnie is awesome in Blue Bloods, and I actually do enjoy the A&E show, Wahlburgers. I still haven’t been to one of those restaurants yet. By the way, who would have thought that 26 years after this song, New Kids On the Block would still be touring?!?

“You Got It (The Right Stuff)” by New Kids On The Block on Amazon

17. “Superwoman” by Karyn White

“Superwoman” is the second single from R&B singer Karyn White’s self-titled debut album, Karyn White (1988). It became her second U.S. top ten hit and second U.S. R&B number-one hit.

Here is a nice R&B song by Karyn White. She had a nice string of hits in the late ’80s through early ’90s. She then left the music business to start a family. In 2012, she released her first studio album in 17 years – Carpe Diem.

“Superwoman” by Karyn White on Amazon

16. “You Got It” by Roy Orbison

Here is the second song, of this list, titled “You Got It” (minus “The Right Stuff”). I remember this song very well, but thought this was an older song from the ’60s. This song reached #9, and was Orbison’s first Top 10 hit in 25 years. Unfortunately, Orbison never saw this return to the charts, as he died of a heart attack the previous December at the age of 52. A couple of his Traveling Wilburys played on this song – Jeff Lynne on backing vocals and electric guitar, and Tom Petty on backing vocals and acoustic guitar.

“You Got It” by Roy Orbison on Amazon

15. “Just Because” by Anita Baker

Here is another really good R&B hit. This is my favorite song so far today. Anita Baker won a Grammy with this song for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.

“Just Because” by Anita Baker on Amazon

14. “Stand” by R.E.M.

Ugh, I can’t “Stand” this song! I don’t know what it is about R.E.M., but they just irritate me. This song just sounds like an annoying children’s song. I will give them credit for having a unique sound.

“Stand” by R.E.M. on Amazon

Now we’re up to our Long Distance Dedication. This is the feature that reminds us what popular music is all about…songs helping us to express important feelings. Here is a letter from Robert from Nebraska:

Dear Casey,

This dedication is for the most important person in my life. I had the great experience of growing up in Frankfurt, Germany. I was part of military family and we moved quite a few times. I was a quiet, shy boy and I had a few good friends, but always had difficulty being comfortable in groups, especially if girls were present. I never really dated much – until the beginning of my senior year when I met Diana. I had signed up for the bus to take us to an away football game. The buses were crowded and I was forced to sit next to one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. Naturally, I was nervous and had trouble even looking as her- not to mention talking to her. During the football game we gave each other side glances and on the trip home we again sat together- not because we had to this time. When we got back to the school, I somehow summoned enough courage to ask for her phone number. The rest, as they say, is history. We became inseparable and did everything together. Eventually, the time came to return to the U.S. for college. We decided to go to school in Nebraska – I just could not imagine being without her. I was leaving the first week of July and she would leave at the end of August. We spent every day until that week in June. These were the best days I had ever had. I was worried that things would not work out while we were apart and these could be the last days I would ever see her. Casey, would you please play “Endless Summer Nights” by Richard Marx. This song reminds me of the great times I spent with Diana and how much she meant to me. Thank you.

P.S. Casey, everything did work out. This summer we will celebrate our 25th anniversary with our four wonderful children. Even today this song reminds me of her and that summer after our senior year.

Robert. Here is your long distance dedication

From 1987, that was “Endless Summer Nights” by Richard Marx, a long distance dedication from Robert in Nebraska, to his wife Diana.

Now. On with the countdown.

“Endless Summer Nights” by Richard Marx on Amazon

13. “Don’t Tell Me Lies” by Breathe

I had never heard this song before. I do like some songs by Breathe, so I was hoping this would be a pleasant surprise. It’s not bad. Not great either, but far from the worst on this countdown.

“Don’t Tell Me Lies” by Breathe on Amazon

12. “Dreamin'” by Vanessa Williams

This is the third R&B song today, and it is another winner! This was Vanessa’s first top 40 hit, and first #1 R&B hit.

“Dreamin'” by Vanessa Williams on Amazon

11. “Paradise City” by Guns N’ Roses

This is, by far, my favorite Guns N’ Roses tune! It is such a perfect rock song. From Steven Adler’s awesome drumming to Slash’s classic guitar sound, to Axl’s voice, which is perfect for this song. They are just firing on all cylinders at this point. I think that if they all got along, kept their s*!t together, they would have survived through the grunge era. Everybody has been waiting for the original lineup to get back together for years. And after Eddie Trunk’s recent interview with Steven Adler, there is a buzz about this happening. I’m not holding my breathe though.

“Paradise City” by Guns N’ Roses on Amazon

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