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Quote of the Day: Brewster’s Millions

Monty Brewster: Why is it when there’s trouble we’re the ones that get into it. I mean, there’s a bar full of people and we’re the only ones in jail.

Spike Nolan: I don’t think it’s racial you know, because I’m in here with you.

Monty Brewster: That’s comforting.

Quote of the Day: Throw Momma from the Train

Momma: Owen! Food!

Owen: In a minute, Momma.

Momma: Don’t you “In a minute, Momma” me! Get off your fat little ass or I’ll break it for you! I want two soft boiled eggs, white toast, and some of that grape jelly god damn it! And don’t burn the toast!

Owen: Kill her, Larry.

Quote of the Day: Clue

Wadsworth: Professor Plum, you were once a professor of psychiatry specializing in helping paranoid and homicidal lunatics suffering from delusions of grandeur.

Professor Plum: Yes, but now I work for the United Nations.

Wadsworth: So your work has not changed.

Happy 71st Birthday to Tim Curry!!!

Quote of the Day: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

[Wayne shows Diane the shrunken couch]

Diane Szalinski: [excited] Are you saying… it works? The machine works?

[Wayne nods]

Diane Szalinski: Do the kids know?

Wayne Szalinski: Well, yeah, the kids know.

Diane Szalinski: That’s great!

Wayne Szalinski: No, it’s not that great.

Diane Szalinski: Why?

Wayne Szalinski: I shrunk the kids.

Diane Szalinski: …What?

Wayne Szalinski: And the Thompson kids too. They’re about this big, they’re in the backyard.

Diane Szalinski: *What*?

Wayne Szalinski: I threw them out with the trash.

[just as Diane grabs hold of Wayne, the doorbell rings. Wayne opens the door to two police officers]

Wayne Szalinski: Yes?

Female Cop: Did uh, you report two missing children?

Wayne Szalinski: Oh, there must be some mistake. Our children are in the backyard. Right, honey?

[Diane faints]

Happy 64th birthday to Rick Moranis!!!

Quote of the Day: Highlander

Connor MacLeod: I don’t like boats, I don’t like water. I’m a man, not a fish.

Ramirez: So you complain endlessly.

Connor MacLeod: You look like a woman you stupid haggis.

Ramirez: Haggis? What is haggis?

Connor MacLeod: Sheep’s stomach stuffed with meat and barley

Ramirez: And what do you do with it?

Connor MacLeod: You eat it!

Ramirez: How revolting!

[Ramirez sneezes]

Connor MacLeod: Be still for God’s sake! You’ll tip us over.

Ramirez: So?

Connor MacLeod: I cannot swim you Spanish peacock.

Ramirez: I’m not Spanish, I’m Egyptian.

Connor MacLeod: You said you were from Spain! You’re a liar!

Ramirez: You have the manners of a goat and you smell like a dung-heap. And you’ve no knowledge whatsoever of your potential. Now, get out!

[Throws MacLeod into the lake]

Quote of the Day: Return of the Jedi

Han Solo: [as Lando is being dragged down by Sarlaac] Chewie, give me the gun! Don’t move, Lando!

Lando Calrissian: No, wait! I thought you were blind!

Han Solo: It’s alright, I can see a lot better! Don’t move!

Lando Calrissian: Up a little higher! Just a little higher!

Happy 80th birthday to Billy Dee Williams!!!